Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Web content strategy

This is an interesting blog post from Norman Hollyn on web content strategy. His blog (Hollyn-wood (Norman, that is)) has included an ongoing discussion of online content that is worth following (Note: he has moved his blog to Professionally, he has done many things, (most importantly for me he was the editor on Heathers), from editing features to new media development and teaching at USC.

His take on video content is pretty level-headed. Why would the essential necessities of visual narrative storytelling (drawing the audience in quickly, well-developed character arcs) be different on the web? He also gets some fairly funny pokes in at the New York Times and big-money producers who don't seem to get the difference between content and how it is delivered. Is it really possible that media experts can't tell the difference between "Don't Tase me, Bro!" and serial narrative content? The people who will be successful will produce content that is not just watered down television or incoherent splatterings (think YouTube). I'd really like to hear more from him on the relationship of business/advertising models to content in the future.

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