Monday, May 2, 2011

New Narrative Colorist Reel

There's a lot going on....I now offer SCRATCH as an option.  The image processing algorithm on it is amazing and it can handle pretty much any workflow.  It will be interesting how the new version looks when it comes out this summer.  It is supposed to be able to handle any codec, natively, end to end.

 I also put together my narrative colorist reel this past week.  I've gotten a lot of really great feedback on the documentary colorist reel I posted a few weeks back, thanks to everyone who took the time to view it.

Here is my 2011 Narrative Colorist Reel:

It is available for viewing at higher resolution here.  And, it also available in full 720P on Creative Cow.

I also want to put out a huge thank you to Carlo Kamin, who edited this.  He is an extraordinary editor with a broad range.  Check him out and hire will be happy you did.

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