Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project Updates

 Lucky me

We have finally finished the short project that we created for Projeto Saúde & Alegria, a Brazilian NGO in the Amazon.  It is going to be used to help promote their new ecotourism project, one of their sustainable development initiatives.  It was a real privilege to go down there and actually meet the people in the communities and experience it all firsthand.  We also shot additional footage (interviews with elders, a walk in primary rainforest describing the plants and their uses, etc.) that they will hopefully be able to use in the future for documentary purposes.  This project was edited by Gustavo da Silva, who also edits a TV program Planeta Brasil and is my first producing credit.

I also just found out that the documentary short I recently color graded, The Alley Cats, will screen on April 06, 2012 at the Oakland International Film Festival.  It is small film (in the best sense) that looks at a slice of Oakland, CA, the Alley Cat piano bar (open since 1934) and its family of patrons.  This film was directed by Cary Virtue and edited by the very talented Carlo Kamin.

The Alley Cats

There are several other exciting developments in the near future, including an iOS app, about which I will be sharing details.

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