Monday, July 19, 2010

Out-Innovated Again

Everyone Here for Free iPhone Bumpers Please Line Up to the Right

Sorry for the video only post, I am in the middle of a grading a project and several other deadlines. But, trust me this is hysterical.  Leave it to the Chinese to come up with the funniest, over the top, anti-Apple animation ever.  Their view of Steve Jobs' solution to the iPhone 4 antenna issue is worthy of Peckinpah.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Can't Vimeo Get It's Act Together?

Who is behind that curtain?

Oh, just try doing a mobile site with Vimeo.  Cute, cute, underdog Vimeo.  That's why they're always behind the curve and doing everything patchwork, right?  But they have such a cute site!

Um, sorry but they're owned by IAC, a  super gynormous company that has bought and trashed sites like, own properties from to  The Gannett of the Internets?  But wait, Gannett at least innovated the idea of a national newspaper, USA Today.

Fortunately, you, my 5 loyal readers, do not have to fear me selling out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Want My (3D) YouTube TV

Come with us on a trip to the 3D future!

Zowza.  It's starting to look like the early 90's all over again.  Sony has just announced that they will be supporting 3D YouTube video on the PS3.  Why is this like the early 90's?  Well, they are supporting Flash and promoting that as a 3D video player, lining up Sony, Google and Adobe against Apple.  The stars are aligning again for another battle of a generally inferior technological standard (Flash) promoted by "PC" against the upstart technologically superior HTML 5.0 (at least in non-3D, I need to research HTML 5.0 and 3D) being promoted by Apple.  I wonder where Microsoft stands in this battle.  Frankly, I liked the world a lot better when Google was lined up with, and not against, Apple.

This whole 3D thing is either going to bust open and be ubiquitous or is going to be another spectacular flameout, with dens across America littered with unused/unusable 3D televisions.  Click here for a short and interesting history of 3D film.  The most interesting fact is that prior to Avatar, the most financially successful (adjusted for inflation) 3D movie was a softcore porn flick, The Stewardesses.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Site Up

Shakes, the camera assistant

I am still working on my first blog post about working with a colorist.  In the meantime, in addition to doing some production work and development work on a couple projects, we launched the newly revised version of my website yesterday.  A color grading job or two are in the immediate future. Welcome to the new film economy.