Friday, October 17, 2008

$60 CF alternative to $850 SxS storage card for EX1/EX3

Wow. Check this out. Some Australians have figured out that you can use compact flash memory with the EX-1 or EX-3 in conjunction with a Kensington 7-in-one media reader (about $40). The transfer rates are slower and your overcranking is limited to 40 fps but, wow, the media cost is brought down from $850 to $60. Read the fine print about compatibility and test, test, test, it yourself.

The HVX-200/HPX-170 also records at about 35 Mbps in 720/24PN mode. Maybe someone will figure out a workaround for P2 cards??

Hopefully this will be, as far as the pricing on solid state memory, a game changer.

Thanks to Bruce Johnson, at ProVideoCoalition for digging this up.

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