Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More ridiculousness

That's a crystal sync, super 16, Bolex EBM with a built-for-danger sound barney.

Sorry, you'll have to go here or here if you want to follow the latest from Red's PR trail. This is good reading if you want a Red non-believer's perspective. And if you're in the mood for a contrarian opinion about DSLR video, click here. These are some pretty good arguments for shooting in film (add the words "data extinction" to your vocabulary). I am in techno-burnout and am feeling more focused on images and story than data rates, data management or resolution right now.


Elliot said...

hey, that looks like a really well made blimp. How well does it dampen the sound? Where can I get one?

Craig Mieritz said...

Custom Upholstery Products in Van Nuys, CA made it. You can google it. Good luck in getting him to make one, he's pretty busy. It's a really good barney but it is fairly heavy, so you need a good tripod to balance the extra weight. I can't remember how many decibels it reduced the noise, but it was fairly significant. The only noise now is through the lens, which I minimize with a UV filter.