Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Record Low Year for LA Film and Commercial Production

Chauffeur Queue- BTR

This is a record setting year in Los Angeles filmmaking, according to the Los Angeles Times. I feel pretty happy that I'm starting work next week on an indie feature, even if it is low-budget. It's actually kind of amazing that film production has become such a heavily subsidized industry across the entire country, from Des Moines to Baton Rouge to Asheville to Bridgeport (a quick internet search turns up at least 7 features being shot in Connecticut in 2008--due to their 30% tax rebate), especially given the record box office numbers of the past year. Kind of makes you wonder how taxpayers feel in these states about subsidizing feature films 15%, 25% or more with their money (California does not offer major rebates, incentives, etc. for media production). Especially given that when the free money stops, the productions leave.

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