Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Upgrades and Soderbergh

OK,  I am going to be upgrading my website with new reels, photos, and other info, but wanted to share some of the good stuff that has been happening.

The color grading room:

I'm particularly proud of the fact that I made the dimmable D65 fixtures myself.

The screening room:

I can playback from the color grading room directly to the ten foot screen.  Schwing!

My friends know that I love Steven Soderbergh's explorations into film structure (here and here). Not to mention, here.  OK, I gotta stop or this is going to turn into a very long Soderbergh post.  Anyway, I was shocked to see this on Twitter.   It makes me sad that the sheer filmmaking joy in Schizopolis no longer burns within him.

A very serious filmmaker

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